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Earlier this year, as we celebrated OTC’s 25th Anniversary, the following items were chosen to be put into the time capsule to be opened in 2040.

  • 2015 Annual Report
  • 25th Anniversary commencement tassel and stole
  • 2015 OTC History Book
  • Top 25 OTC photos of the year
  • Founder’s Day Celebration invite and napkin
  • OTC rhino hat
  • Photo of Alice Jefferson receiving MCCA award
  • A key to an OTC vehicle on an eagle keychain
  • Catalogs and letters about the early days of Graff Vo-Tech
  • Highlights from mass media publications of the top stories of 2015

We invite you to help us determine what else to include. The Advancement team has chosen which ideas submitted by students, faculty, staff and community members are eligible for your vote. Please choose as many or as few as you like, and the most popular items will be put in the time capsule, to be sealed on Dec. 10 and will not be opened until April 3, 2040.

Voting is Complete.

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